A choice of 3 hikes at the Spring Activity Retreat

Amazing experiences with Budapest Hikers

To accommodate all levels of hiking interest we have created 3 different spring hikes for our Activity Retreat. One important note is that we are visiting Kékesteto which is the highest point in Hungary! So even the ‘easy 7K’ hike is fairly tough. In fact we’re quite confident in saying that as far as 7K hikes go… it might be the toughest. Whichever hike you decide to join please be 100% sure that you are confident in completing the distance.

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7k Mini Hike

The 7K mini spring hike is the option for those who want to spend more time at camp or want to hike a shorter distance. We start at the camp and walk slowly up to Mátraháza where you can spend some time looking for souvenirs, have a break and get to know each other.

After this break we walk towards ‘little death’ which is a not so little hill that once conquered will divulge the full meaning of ‘death’ in its name. This isn’t so steep that it requires special equipment or training but believe us when we say it is tough. At the very top of little death is the highest point of Hungary with rewarding views, restaurants and souvernirs.

Once your sightseeing is complete there will be a coach waiting to transport you comfortable back down to the camp where you can relax, play games or go on another walk and explore for yourself

Intermediate Hike

The 15K hike follows the same path as our Mini Hike and will have a break at the top of Kékestető for lunch and sightseeing. After this you will follow a separate route back down the mountain where you will see some amazing views and take in the beauty that Mátra has to offer

Advanced Spring Hike

Make no mistake, the 25k hike is tough! The path can be very steep at times and is a technical challenge. If the weather is really bad this hike may not go ahead due to safety and timing reasons. There are 3 different peaks to scale, all with amazing views.

You will follow the same path as the other hikes, up ‘little death’ to the peak of Kékesteto and then follow on to more peaks. One of which contains a lookout tower designed by a famous Hungarian architect. The views of both the tower & the surrounding area are stunning and when you return to camp you will have definitely earned a beer & a full meal!

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Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km