3 awesome accommodation for the Budapest Hikers spring retreat

wooden hut Budapest Hikers spring Activity retreat

Dear Hikers! As you may know, we offer 3 different kind of options regarding the accommodation. Why? Because we want you to be comfortable and happy.

1. Wooden hut

This is the fanciest and most comfortable option which can accommodate 5 or 10 people in one hut. It has a seperated kitchen and bathroom. If you come with friends, we can arrange that you can share the same hut. In case you come alone, it is an amazing way to make new good friends.

2. Motel

The Motel is a big house with a lot of rooms. One room can accommodate 4 hikers. There are seperated bathrooms for men and women. Unlike the wooden hut, it doesn’t have a kitchen, but it does have two big fridges, in case you would like to bring food & drinks with you.

3. Tent

If you think that comfort is overrated and prefer the wild instead of sleeping in a normal bed, then this option is for you. Don’t worry, you can still check your facebook status and upload the awesome pictures you took during the hike, because there is wifi and electricity even for the tent option. There is a bathroom with toilettes right next to the pitches. If you choose this option, make sure to bring your own tent & sleeping bag.

Which one to choose?

Well, it depends only on you. Every accomodation has its upsides and downsides. If you prefer something more private and comfortable, choose the wooden house. If you are a person who enjoy being surrounded by more people, then maybe the motel is for you. But if you want to go wild and be a badass, don’t miss to choose the tent. If you are still uncertain, have a look at our upcoming hikes here and you get gather ideas or join us for another adventure.

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km