Why choose hiking?

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You are probably sitting in a comfortable chair, asking why the heck should I go hiking? (If that’s not the case, then my bad, though it shouldn’t hurt to read this article.) Well, the answer is simple, hiking has various benefits for everybody who attempts to conquer the forest.

Thankfully hiking is an activity that basically everybody can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, boy or girl, or what your background is – nature welcomes you with open arms. You can hike alone if you’re not feeling up for company, or you can bring some friends and family along. Hiking can also be a networking event, if you’re interested in meeting new people, join us at Budapest Hikers!

The wilderness

It feels incredible to break the rhythm of our everyday life by bringing some color into it. Nature’s color palette includes the calming colors, such as green, blue, brown, which can have a positive effect on our mind – and we all know that everything starts with the mind. Relaxing, de-stressing, uplifting (and we could bring more -ing adjectives) – that is all nature. Chances are you will also meet other hikers, and forest animals, that you can geek out about.

Get active

Let’s burn some fat! Hiking allows you to get rid of those extra calories that came with the morning doughnut (that you probably shouldn’t have eaten anyway). Walking is natural – most of us have known how to walk since the age of 2 (and I highlight, MOST of us). Why not give a basic activity meaning, so that we can take care of our body?

The weather

Let’s suppose, it’s sunny outside, and you – by some unexplainable chance – are free. Hooray, go hiking! The sun will recharge your batteries, nature will put you in a relaxed and open-minded state, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t leave the house right away. Here’s something more difficult: Let’s suppose, you want to go hiking but it’s raining. No worries! Have you ever tried hiking in the rain?! Yes, it’s wet. Yes, you might catch a cold. Yes, it’s not as nice as a walk on a sunny day. But if you don’t go, you might just miss the opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime. At least once in our lives, we MUST try hiking in the rain.

What happens after?

Yes! I did it! – That’s what happens after (in the short version). Pride and satisfaction will guide you through the rest of the day/week and you will be able to face the problems (which will not look like problems after all) much easier. The next time, it will be easier as well, so don’t just sit around for a miracle to happen, join Budapest Hikers!

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km