Why choose hiking?

budapesthikers.com - Why choose hiking

You are probably sitting in a comfortable chair, asking why the heck should I go hiking? (If that’s not the case, then my bad, though it shouldn’t hurt to read this article.) Well, the answer is simple, hiking has various benefits for everybody who attempts to conquer the forest. Thankfully hiking is an activity that basically […]

The strangest types of hiking

budapesthikers.com - The strangest types of hiking

The term ‘hiking’ does not only cover the activity of wandering in the forest with a map or GPS. It means so much more than that, and if you’ve ever been hiking before, you should know that. In this article, we collected a few very – and I mean VERY – strange types of hiking, […]

Budapest Hikers: Hike in Pilis – #spingishere

This winter in Hungary was one of the coldest winters that we have ever experienced. Because of the extreme cold for so long (seriously, -10 degrees for 2 months is too much for us!), we were all waiting for the sunny and warm spring to come out and say hi, I am back! Finally, in […]

Budapest Hikers Activity Camp – Join us!

nature, hills and valleys

Don’t you guys just do hikes? No, Budapest Hikers is about much more than hiking. We’re a vibrant International community that encourage our members to socialise together, go outside and be active. We don’t just limit ourselves to hiking and we’re always trying to think of new ways to enjoy the nature and spend time […]

Hiking in Budapest

Hiking in Budapest - Danube Bend hike

Budapest is a very popular tourist destination, it is a vibrant, beautiful city full of historic architecture, ruin bars and friendly faces. All year round the city centre is bustling with people, both local and International.  There is however, much more to Budapest is much more than the energetic city centre and we at Budapest […]

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km