How to choose the perfect pair of hiking shoes for you

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Serious addiction or a crucial need?

Shoes. For half of the society, it can be a crucial issue in their everyday life. Shoe-shopping can make us addictive and some people are defining their happiness through purchasing a pair of shoes. When it comes to hiking shoes, it is rare to hear that someone owns 750 pairs – as it is the case for Christina Aguilera if we take the total number of her shoes- but there are things that need to be told regarding hiking boots. Their vital role is to keep your feet feeling great until the very end of your hike. Those feet that get you to your destination and then bring you home. Let’s spend a few minutes on how to choose the perfect pair of hiking shoes what will be a crucial step towards planning your perfect hike trip.

I learned why good hiking shoes are important the hard way. When my Dad introduced me to hiking, he insisted on getting the appropriate shoes for it. But my first impression was that he only wanted to satisfy his obsession towards sports superstores. I was very wrong; wearing my running shoes for the event caused me a semi-twisted ankle, I had to complete the hike in my wet shoes and the very same footwear that are perfect for my runs failed me, and seemed to not even fit my feet.

So what have I learned?

There are some basic rules that I suggest to follow when you are in need of a good pair of hiking boots.

Firstly, the support that the hiking shoes give you is hugely relevant. It is simple, the higher it gets the more support your ankle will get from twisting and bending.

Secondly, pay attention to the material the shoe is made of. Buy a water- resistant pair for rainy conditions or if you are planning to cross through streams. However, for warm weather you might want to consider a more breathable material. Softer and lighter boots are the most comfortable, but maybe last for a shorter period of time.

The last but probably the most significant factor is how the boots fit. This probably sounds self-explanatory; there are a few tricks that are useful to know, though. The shoes must not let your heels rise up as you step and at the same time your toes need to have some wiggle room so that they won’t hit the front as you go down hills. When you’re purchasing new hiking shoes it is better to do it at the end of the day since feet swell throughout the day, but with this technique you surely will get the true size.

When you are looking for the perfect hiking shoes, it is worth to look beyond your needs, budget and particular style. A pair you spot might seem cute, but remember to check out the supporting ability, material and how well they fit, as well, before you purchase!

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km