Hiking Dates – 5 reasons why they’re the best

Budapest Hikers - Romance in the forest Valentine's day Quentin Delsante

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I’m sure some of you are still struggling to think of the perfect romantic date to sweep the girl/guy of your dreams off their feet. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the most original and romantic Valentines Day activity you can imagine, hiking.

What could be better than a whole date spent with just you and your Bae <3, surrounded by the beauty of nature and fresh air that you only get away from the noisy, car filled city. Take advantage of the many romantic situations mother nature provides such as keeping each other warm whilst enjoying the breathtaking views atop a windy mountain or taking a deep breath and going for that all important first kiss in front of a majestic waterfall.

1. Beauty

When hiking outside in the grace of nature, everything seems to be more beautiful. Even this guy below would have a chance of doing well on a date surrounded by so much green!

Budapest Hikers - 5 reasons to hike - beauty in the nature

2. Lots to talk about

There are always plenty of conversation topics thanks to the inspirational environment of hiking. Even if you have nothing to say for a short while, you have the excuse of enjoying the view or catching your breath after a tough climb.

budapest Hikers romance in the forest Hiking in Hungary

3. Common aim

Hiking brings people together. It is a well known fact that fighting adversity together is a great way to form emotional bonds, just think Bonnie & Clyde and you get the idea! Believe us, half way through a climb you’ll band together and fight for each other to make it to the top.

Budapest Hikers - Romance in the forest Valentine's day

4. Selfies & Pictures

The forest is the best spot to take amazing selfies and pictures. Take advantage of the beautiful, adventurous backgrounds, smiling faces and good moods to boost the number of likes on your latest profile picture. No longer will you need to rely on Instagram filters to make your pictures look good!

We all know that the basis of a modern relationship is the quality of selfies they are taking together. We assure you, the forest can help to handle this matter. Don’t believe us, check out this guy:


5. Romantic moments

So, I bet you’re sold on how romantic hiking can be but we’re not finished yet! After a hike you’re both bound to be a little tired from your adventures and if you’ve still not made a move, there is no better opportunity to get closer than on the journey home. Your partner might cuddle up to you or fall asleep on your shoulder and you can relax all the way home.

Budapest Hikers sleeping on your shoulder romance in the forest

Budapest Hikers sleeping on your shoulder romance in the forest

Now that you know the secret to the perfect date, pack a picnic, chill some wine and finally ask her/him to join you for one of the best dates you’ll both have.

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km