Let’s hike to Mór

Hike details:

Hello Hikers!
To make this dark cold long winter a bit more cheerful we prepared a special hike for you to an underrated destination west of Budapest, the wine region of Mór!
Mór is primarily famous for its white wines, especially the variety called ‘ezerjó’ there is much more to see around as the small town is nested just underneath the steep hills of Vértes which is dotted with plenty of natural and medieval sights, ruins and castles. The area is traditionally inhabitated by the German minority who were famous for their versatile craftmanship, so no wonder that one of the natives received a Nobel price in physics just last year!
On our one-day hike we climb up to the fortress of Csókakő to get a stunning view on the diverse landscape, continue in the forests of Vértes along scenic ridges and cliffs and eventually descend to the center of Mór to learn a bit about the famous local wine culture 😉
The length of the hike: 15 km, 400 meters ascend and descend
Duration of the hike: approx. 5 hours
Difficulty: This hike is doable for everyone!
9h20 – Meeting at Kelenföld railway station, right at the main entrance, the stairs that go down to the underpass (address: Etele tér, there is also a Pizza King next to the entrance)
10h50 – Arriving at Csókakő railway station
16h00 – Optional lunch in Mór (not covered)
17h00 – Wine cellar visiting
19h00 – taking the train from Mór to Budapest
20h16 – Arrival back to Budapest
Some pro arguments to definitely join this hike:
Check the traditional viticulture in the countryside of Hungary!
Climb to a picturesque castle, filled with medieval history!
Discover a charming small town of Transdanubia!
Scenic cliffs and lookout points!
Last but not the least, you can spend your day with lovely international people!
Down in the cellars you can have some wine, spritzer, or nonalcoholic grape must.
Please note that our participation fee includes only the travel and some winetasting, but not the lunch! That’s up for you to bring or buy on our way!
Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier!
Looking forward to hiking with you,
The Budapest Hikers and BAIS team

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km