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What treasures does the Danube Bend hold? Find out with us! 🙂 😍



After the excruciatingly long break, we invite you to the very first hike of 2021! This time our target is the famous Danube Bend, the scenic rocks, and the surrounding wilderness North of Budapest. This gem of Hungary is rich not only in natural attraction but also marked by the most outstanding historical sites of the country.

The Danube Bend is a famous narrowing of the river, approximately 50 kilometers north of Budapest. This is the point where the Danube cuts itself through the extinct volcanic arch of the Börzsöny and Visegrád mountain ranges – hence you’ll find here sharp cliffs and towering rocky hills along the river, one of them hosting the large medieval castle of Visegrád. It’s not only the geography that amuses the visitors, but also the peculiar vegetation: the southern slopes host one of the most outlandish, submediterranean landscape of Hungary with its short downy oak trees scattered around the steep rocks, while the higher surfaces of the hills are covered with damp, dark forests of tall beech trees. Nevertheless, it is also the captivating old villages along the river that attract crowds of hikers from Budapest.

Our 4.5 hours long hike will start at the railway station of Zebegény and after taking a few photos in the charming center of the village we’ll ascend through the lush beech forest to the hidden water source called Ernő-forrás. Afterwards we get closer to the river and climb to the rocky viewpoints – the scenery beneath us is one of the most spectacular river gorges of Europe with towering peaks on the other side of the Danube. Once we took all the photos we needed, we’ll head slowly towards the summit where we’ll find the famous Julianus lookout tower (480 meters) which offers an almost complete view of the Danube bend area and the surrounding mountain ranges! From the viewpoint our trail takes us to the cozy downtown of Nagymaros and the river terrasse of the Danube – where we invite you for a traditional Hungarian bogrács-cooked meal, you can choose either a beef stew with potato and cabbage or a vegetarian ratatouille with rice!


The length of the hike: 12 km, 400 meters ascend and descend
Duration of the hike: approx. 4.5 hours
Difficulty: This hike is doable for everyone but don’t forget to bring some snacks, mosquito repellent, and a water bottle!

✰Meeting Place, Time and Date✰

08h40 – Meeting at Nyugati railway station, right at the main entrance of the main building, on the small stairs, 15 meters from the tram station (address: Nyugati tér)
10h00 – Arriving at Zebegény railway station
16h00 – Lunch (Beef stew with potatoes /Gluten-free/ or vegetarian option French ratatouille)
17h00 – Discovering the old center of Nagymaros
19h00 – taking the train from Nagymaros to Budapest
19h50 – Arrival back in Budapest

✰How to book your spot? ✰
Buy Webshop ticket: 7 000 Ft / adult , 6 000 Ft / student (incl. vegetarian or meat option + train tickets)

The places will be filled up in order of payment – first-come, first served.

Bring your student card if you buy a student ticket!

NOTE: The participation fee is non-refundable. You may send someone else in your place if you inform us about it prior to the event’s start.

✰Be Prepared✰

Please note that you can only join the event by accepting and following the current Governmental Regulations.

By participating in the event, you take full responsibility for your actions. BAIS and Budapest Hikers do not take any responsibility for any harm, accidents, bodily injury, or damage to personal property.

What treasures does the Danube Bend hold? Find out with us!
Any question? Feel free to ask 🙂


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