Hévíz thermal lake hike

Hike details:

Hello Hikers!

To put a pleasant end to this winter we invite you to the single most famous natural site of Hungary, the Hévíz lake to have a dip in its curative thermal water. On our way to Hévíz we’ll discover a Moon-surface-looking abandoned mine pit which serves as a popular filming location, and also take a view from a lookout tower on the entire Western Balaton which is not any less charming in the winter season.

Hévíz lake is the largest swimmable thermal lake in the world with its 47,000 squaremeter area. The flow of hot water is so strong (30-40 thousand liters per minute) that the lake gets replenished every 72 hours and a large amount of discharge water leaves in the Hévíz canal towards Balaton, making it a perfect venue for wintertime water sports as well. The other main attraction of the lake is its tropical flora, the all-year flourishing water-lilies were brought here from India in the 19th century.

The largest settlement in the area is Keszthely, sometimes dubbed as the capitol of Balaton. Keszthely boasts one of the most picturesque castles of Hungary (Festetics Palace), a historic downtown and the gentle hills above the town hosting the unique abandoned dolomite mine with its crazy cliffs. We’ll check all of them on our trip!

The length of the hike: 11 km, 150 meters ascend and descend
Duration of the hike: approx. 3.5 hours
Difficulty: This hike is rather easy and doable for everyone but don’t forget to bring your proper trekking shoes!
The ticket inlcudes transportation and entrance fees to the bath.
Food is self-funded and there is no student discount for this hike.



8h20 – Meeting at Kelenföld railway station, right at the main entrance of the main building, right next to Pizza King and the escalator (address: Etele tér)
11h30 – Arriving at Gyenesdiás railway station (after a change in Balatonszentgyörgy)
13h00 – Short break at a mall in Keszthely with food options
14h00 – Arriving to Hévíz lake. Spa time!
18h48 – taking the train from Keszthely to Budapest
21h16 – Arrival back to Budapest-Kelenföld

Some pro arguments to definitely join this hike:
Warm up in the thermal lake and discover its tropical flowers
Roam the bare rock craters of the mine pit as if you were on the Moon
Take a glance at winter Balaton from above
Do a little sightseeing in the historic downtown of Keszthely

Last but not the least, you can spend your day with lovely international people!

Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier!
Looking forward to hiking with you,
The Budapest Hikers and BAIS team

Easy: < 10 km 
Moderate: 10-20 km
Difficult: > 20 km